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Donnie Yen shows us some familiar and not-so-familiar Stormtrooper helmets from the set of Star Wars: Rogue One!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. As if Donnie Yen being in a Star Wars movie wasn't cool enough already, he's now giving all of us an inside look at what's going in Gareth Edwards' spin-off flick.

There have been some spy photos of Stormtroopers (classic style, naturally) that have leaked, but to the best of my knowledge we haven't seen a glimpse of these other helmets yet. All look very cool and very authentic within the universe. The black helmet on the left looks particularly Ralph McQuarrie-ish.

Here's what Yen instagram'd:



He also wrote ”I am the Force and I fear nothing.” Interesting. Wonder if Yen's character, who I'm still 99% is blind judging by that official photo of our Death Star plans stealing squad, might have a little force sensitivity going on. Would totally fit into a Zatoichi kind of mode, no?


-Eric Vespe
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