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SPIDER-MAN production logo art!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... while the studio has their security on the Sony lot, AICN has retired NYPD officers, like Captain Stacy, out handling our interests as well... hehhehe... It is actually quite a bit tragic really that Captain Stacy's daughter is not the chief romantic interest for Peter Parker in this upcoming film... as given the villian... it really is the best ladyfriend, dramatically for the film... In my opinion starting off with Mary Jane is just... odd. At least for me. ALSO... unconfirmed, but the latest I'm hearing on Goblin casting is that Raimi has got Willem Dafoe signed up for Osborne.... Perfect casting if true. Perfect.


Here is a scan of a plaque used by the studio to identify vehicles involved with the production. Yes, I know it isn't that great, but I have a cheap scanner.

I WILL have more for you soon!


Captain Stacy

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