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THE KEEPING ROOM trailer reveals 3 women fighting the Confederacy Scum!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Drafthouse films released this trailer for their THE KEEPING ROOM, a film by the director of the excellent HARRY BROWN with Michael Caine.   Yup, Daniel Barber has shot his feature length western and it's a story about two sisters and their slave, fighting off an assault from a pair of Confederate scumbags up to no good!   The 3 women are Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld & Muna Otaru.   While the two bastards trying to get them are played by Sam Worthington and Kyle Soller.   We first heard about this film at Sundance earlier this year, where it got very strong buzz.   Check out the trailer - and mark September 25th on your Calendar.   Looks like this is gonna be a helluva year for Westerns, what with THE HATEFUL EIGHT, THE KEEPING ROOM and THE REVENANT all hitting!   Great stuff from the looks of it!!! 

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