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INCREDIBLES 2 poster hits D23!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Our faithful crusty seaman, Quint is wandering around D23 like a sugar fueled child clinging to all the shiny awesome that is upon display - but he just snapped this:

Yeah, I can hear the groan about yet another CARS film, but INCREDIBLES 2 - I've no doubt that Brad Bird has genius in his mind for this film.  At least I hope he does.   Every PIXAR fan I know has been dying for an INCREDIBLES 2 since the second the first film ended.   For many, it's the great great FANTASTIC FOUR flick we've never seen - for others, it's what the FF can never be at Fox.    However, my question is - how much further down the road from the events in the first film would it go?   Is Jack Jack, Dash & Violet all older?  How would that change them?   Is it the whole family having to control or even defeat baby JACK JACK?!!?   I just want Jack Kirby-esque giant monsters for them to fight.   And crazy machinery and a whole lot of Edna Mode.    

What's your dream for INCREDIBLES 2?   Or for CARS 3 for that matter?


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