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Sci-fi Horror flick THE HIVE debuts its trailer at SDCC '15! Check it out!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yes, Comic-Con caters mostly to the giant franchise tentpoles, but it also provides a launching ground for some really interesting smaller flicks. Case in point, this neat little genre flick called THE HIVE.

I saw The Hive when it premiered at Fantastic Fest last year and liked it quite a bit, even in its early work-in-progress state. Apparently I'm not alone in that since Nerdist has chosen the film to kick off a new phase of its distribution arm (no doubt assisted greatly by parent company Legendary). Since the Nerdist family are pretty much Comic-Con royals at this point it made sense that they'd debut the first trailer for the flick during all that insanity.

And it's a good tease that is summed up perfectly by one particularly astute and, dare I say, brilliant critic quote in the trailer... something about the movie being a mix between Evil Dead and Memento. That's so right on. Whoever said that is so smart and insightful!

Here's the trailer, give it a look:



Pretty cool, right? Young director David Yarovesky made a fun, creepy flick that everybody's going to get a chance to check out sometime this Fall when Nerdist puts it out in theaters and on VOD.

-Eric Vespe
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