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‘Liberty And Justice For None!!’ New Trailer For Amazon’s Philip K. Dick Alternate History Drama THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE!!

I am – Hercules!!

“The Man in the High Castle” is set in 1962, 20 years after Germany and Japan conquered the United States and Great Britain.

But wait. There’s footage of another reality in which the allies won World War II? What’s up with that?

Frank Spotnitz (“X-Files,” “The Lone Gunmen,” the 2005 “Night Stalker,” Cinemax’s “Hunted,” Cinemax’s “Transporter”) adapts the novel by Philip K. Dick, whose work also formed the basis of “Blade Runner,” “Screamers,” “Impostor,” “Minority Report,” “Paycheck,” “A Scanner Darkly,” “Next” and “The Adjustment Bureau.”

The series, which stars Rufus Sewell (“John Adams”), Luke Kleintank (“Pretty Little Liars”) and Alexa Davalos (“Mob City”), arrives on Amazon this autumn.

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