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Scripters Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis Discuss/Explain Matt Smith’s GENISYS Character…

Crave Online has a very interesting interview with writers Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis about the scripting of TERMINATOR GENISYS.  

The whole of the piece is very much worth a read, and you can find it HERE.  One element of this discussion jumps out, however, and is abridged below for your consideration. 

Specifically, it relates to Matt Smith’s character in the film.  What he represents, and implying how said representation might feasibly be utilized in subsequent sequels (should they comes to pass). 

It’s all a bit abstract, because Smith’s utilization in the film is, itself, a bit abstract.  As such, I’m not sure how ‘spoilery’ this information really is when all is said and done.  None the less, an element of Smith’s character is pointedly discussed herein, so those who’ve yet to see GENISYS may wish to dodge this piece for now and check back after watching it.  


What is the moment that changes this new timeline? What’s the thing that got altered to prevent this from being just a remake, essentially? 

Laeta Kalogridis: Skynet. You see in the beginning. He grabs John. He’s not from this timeline. He’s from an alternate universe, in the multiverse, another of the many universes that exist. That Skynet is not from that timeline.  


Laeta Kalogridis: Or, more simply put, if you have a Skynet that has witnessed multiple iterations of the rise of the machines, which Skynet has… 

Patrick Lussier: And being wiped out over and over…

Laeta Kalogridis: This Skynet has been to this universe, and this universe, and this universe. That’s why he says, “I came a very long way to stop you.” He’s not from here. So he’s watched it. He’s watched it happen a bunch of different times, and each time he’s seen it there is a different result but the same result.

So Skynet [Matt Smith] can now hop between dimensions? 

Laeta Kalogridis: This particular Skynet, from another place. This Skynet – not from the original two movies – can.


I think I understand this…maybe?  Does this clear up Smith’s character for you and add an interesting dimension (sorry) to the TERMINATORverse?  Or does this bring an unnecessary layer of complexity to an already suspect narrative?  Discuss! 

By the way, Smith is credited as ‘Matthew Smith’ in the picture.  A strange move given that he’s already been known as...and credited as...‘Matt Smith’  for years.  But, whatever…




Glen Oliver





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