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Hank Pym training Scott Lang to harness the power of the ANT-MAN suit video clip!

Hey folks, Harry here...   I'm dying to see ANT-MAN!  I'm an ol' TALES TO ASTONISH geek - and Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Peter Parker & Tony Stark were four characters along with Spock that inspired me to pay the fuck attention in Science class as a kid.  They were harnessing a silly grasp of theorhetical science and making it kick ass for them.  Just like Barry Allen & Ray Palmer & Professor Challenger.   However, of all those characters, the one I found least likely to become an actual Theatrical Superhero...   Hank Pym was right there with Aquaman as being slightly unlikely.  Only because - most folks can't adequately envision their cinematic potential.   It's one thing to belittle the characters to being "He talks to Ants" and "He talks to Fish" - but when you realize you're going to see the camera do things - and action unlike anything you've ever seen before on the silver screen...   Just look at the macro-fisheye cool pan when Paul Rudd's Scott Lang shrinks in that Bathtub - there's a look and a feel, that is instantly different from the worlds of THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN or HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS - and I love those movies.  

We're on the edge of getting Comic Book cinema that begins to truly unleash a heaping helping of whupass.   I've already heard HOLY SHIT WOW about some stuff at the end of ANT-MAN.   That fan-made opening credits on DOCTOR STRANGE wasn't even touching what's up with that flick.  If they do AQUAMAN right - we'll see an underwater fantasy that could knock you out.  At least that's the hope I have.  ANT-MAN is next, the word from the L.A. screenings has been superb.   Many liking it over AGE OF ULTRON.   

Here's the training clip...  silly, but remember those similar scenes before the release of the first IRON MAN?  Or that big goofy faced leap of Tobey Maguire's in Raimi's SPIDER-MAN?   Remember what Yoda said.   Small things can pack a helluva wallop!  



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