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Justin Lin Tweets First Behind-The-Scenes Pic From STAR TREK BEYOND!


That Tweet gives us two things. Number one is our first behind-the-scenes look at the third STAR TREK movie that Justin Lin’s directing, via that pic of a Starfleet patch (which looks more weathered than pretty much anything in TREK '09, excluding Leonard Nimoy). Number two is that this is further confirmation that the title will be STAR TREK BEYOND.


A lot of people have had mixed reactions to the two Justin Lin-directed episodes of TRUE DETECTIVE that have aired so far, but I think that he’s done a great job of stripping down his style to something more performance and writing based than the FF movies, more akin to BETTER LUCK TOMORROW. Obviously, these TREK movies aren’t going to take as much time to let its characters pontificate their childhoods and their place in the universe, but one thing that does carry over from TREK to FAST AND FURIOUS and that’s the core group at the heart of it. If Justin Lin can finally make this crew rap and interact with the same music as the original cast, or at least of his FF crew, then this could have the heart and humanity that some of us have been missing from the J.J. jaunts.


STAR TREK BEYOND your wildest imagination on July 8th, 2016.


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