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‘Don’t They Ever Shut Up??’ New Clip From Bruce Timm’s Alternate Universe Blu-ray JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS & MONSTERS!!

I am – Hercules!!

The son of Zod, raised by Latino immigrants, is calling himself Superman. The vampire Kirk “Man-Bat” Langstrom is calling himself Batman. And Darkseid’s daughter-in-law, the New God Bekka, is calling herself Wonder Woman.

That’s the premise of Bruce Timm’s elseworldly made-for-Blu-ray movie “Justice League: Gods & Monsters,” which hits shelves July 28.

The clip reminds me both of Mark Millar’s “Jupiter’s Legacy” and of the final issues of Alan Moore’s “Miracleman,” which depicted superheroes determined to rule humanity.

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Blu At Last July 14!!

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