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So The Title To The INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel Is...

Nordling here.

I'm visiting the set of the sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY, and while I'm embargoed on quite a bit of the stuff I saw, I'll say this (and this is my first set visit, so I might be overly excited a bit) - I'm very impressed.   The artistry behind the film is amazing, and I think the scale is leagues above the original.  There are going to be sequences even more stunning than the destruction of the cities in the first film.  One piece of art I saw elicited a genuine "Wow" from me, and if that's realized onscreen like it was in the picture, I think fans of the first film are in for a real treat.

At tonight's press conference, the title for the sequel was revealed: INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE.  The aliens are coming back, with a lot more firepower, and while we've adapted to their last visit, we are still unprepared.  Much of the original cast is coming back, and we also get fresh new faces.  The first film is, for a lot of people, a generational event not unlike STAR WARS. This one feels the same way.  It's early yet, but INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE feels huge, and I'm very excited to see what Roland Emmerich does with it.  I think you will be too.

Nordling, out.

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