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Behold Over Five Minutes Of Hothian Awesomeness In This New STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Gameplay Footage!! UPDATED W/ MORE GAMEPLAY!!

UPDATE: 8:25am CST USA - 16 JUNE 2015 

Here's more material from the game -this revealed during Sony's E3 presentation last night.  





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During its E3 presentation today, EA unveiled over 5 minutes of gameplay from STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT, the long-awaited, much anticipated resuscitation of the popular franchise.

To say this looks spectacular is probably a bit of an understatement.  With this reel, the degree to which I am anticipating this game now skyrockets beyond my already feverishly Geekasmic levels.  



BATTLEFRONT arrives November 17 - ahead of THE FORCE AWAKENS roughly one month later (there will be TFA tie-ins within this game).  Effectively ensuring that my entire Thanksgiving holiday will be spent battling the Empire, or those uppity Rebels, or both. 





Glen Oliver





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