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Johnny Depp continues to impress & frighten in this latest trailer from BLACK MASS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm one of the few that'll defend Johnny Depp's performance in MORTDECAI, which I saw as a wonderful tribute to Peter Sellers and the whole film felt like a spot on take of the Blake Edwards style comedies of the Sixties/Seventies.   But I also acknowledge that the kind of humor those films played with is in fact dated today, but then if you love Film History, none of it is particularly dated.

That said, people's faith seems to have been a little shook by Depp recently, personally...  I have to feel that his performance in BLACK MASS seems set to reinvigorate mass passion for Johnny Depp.  He's stated in the past that the actor he most admires from film history was Lon Chaney Sr., the man of a thousand faces, and if you look at Depp's career...  he's tried on quite a few faces of his own.  Chaney was most known for his horror roles, but I always found the CRIME films to be incredible.   Johnny seems to be going there this time and I couldn't be happier!   Whitey Bulger looks to be a helluva role for him!  BLACK MASS hits September 18th, and I can't wait - here... check it out:


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