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Jackie Chan And Owen Wilson Ride Again!! MGM Gallops Forward With The Third SHANGHAI Movie!!

I chanced across SHANGHAI NOON on television not too long ago and had forgotten how much I’d enjoyed the (now 15 year old!?!?)  film.  

I also recall liking SHANGHAI KNIGHTS, its 2003 sequel, quite a bit less.  It felt like the right idea (more or less) with the wrong director calling the shots. 

Then I remembered there was supposed to be a third installment in the Jackie Chan/Owen Wilson franchise - and that it even had the title SHANGHAI DAWN.  But that picture never materialized for whatever reasons, which was kind of sad as it felt like the series’ Western/Martial Arts action/culture clash had plenty of avenues left to explore.  

As improbable as it may seem, it’s now looking that SHANGHAI DAWN film might be getting made after all…

 MGM is now reviving the Columbia series, using the same title that was originally intended for the third installment.  


Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are set to reprise their roles for the long awaited action-comedy sequel SHANGHAI DAWN.

…says THIS piece at The Tracking Board, which also reveals that Jonathan Glickman, who produced the previous SHANGHAI films, is on-board this one as well and is currently mulling writers and directors.   

I can’t help but think…this could be pretty cool?   




Glen Oliver





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