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Anne Hathaway to star in COLOSSAL, a giant monster movie from Nacho Vigalondo?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Nacho Vigalondo has long been the unofficial mascot of Fantastic Fest ever since debuting his fantastic Timecrimes there many moons ago. Ever since then I was wondering when he'd really break out.

The man's done some good work since, but all on the smaller scale side of things... and now it looks like he's gearing up to do a Godzilla-like giant monster movie starring this woman:



THR reports Voltage is selling this flick at Cannes, which means it could fail to raise the money it needs. A long time ago Voltage repped a flick I wrote called The Home although we got really close, the flick ended up falling apart. But we never had Anne Hathaway in the cast, Nacho's a much better writer than I am and apparently Voltage isn't just trying to raise foreign, but is also fully investing in the production, so I wouldn't bet against this flick.

The flick is supposedly about a woman who has been dealt a shit hand at life seeing a news report about a giant lizard destroying Tokyo and feels like she has some kind of connection to the goings on there and thinks she can help stave off further destruction if she goes over there.

Sounds super cool to me, but then again I never got the Anne Hathaway hate. I've always liked her goofy interview personality and dig her style onscreen. We'll just forget about the Oscars thing...

-Eric Vespe
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