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The MAD MAX: FURIOSA Mystery Resolved!!

Whenever early talk of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD came about, there was also talk of a second project called MAD MAX: FURIOSA.   

While it was always plainly evident that FURY ROAD was a new feature film, it was never entirely clear what, exactly, FURIOSA was.  A sequel?  Was FURY ROAD supposed to be divided into two parts?  Why did we stop hearing about MM: FURIOSA as FURY ROAD progressed?  It was all kinda confusing, and learning that Charlize Theron plays a character named ‘Furiosa’ in FURY ROAD further convoluted the matter.   

Thanks to The Playlist, the question has now been answered…

“We were going to do [‘Furiosa’ as] an anime before it was delayed a second time when we were rained out of Australia. But because we were delayed that didn't happen, and so we've got that script, and we've got another one.” 

…says MAD MAXtermind George Miller HERE.  By ‘it’ he’s referring to FURY ROAD and its problematic ramp-up to shooting.  

He continues… 

 “It's more Furiosa's story and how she came about," he explained. "Even though it's a chase, to really make the film as authentic as possible we wrote backstories to every vehicle, to every character. We knew Nic Hoult's character Nux from the moment he was conceived, we knew who his parents were, how he became a War Boy.”

So, FURIOSA was an anime which didn’t pan out due to production delays on FURY ROAD.  There’s already a script for it, as well as a third script of some sort? (“so we've got that script, and we've got another one.”)  

This isn’t necessarily surprising.  Miller has previously alluded to FURY ROAD being only one component in a new expansion of the franchise. This does however…along with star Tom Hardy’s recent comments that he’s been signed for multiple MM  pictures…suggest that more MAX could theoretically roar back into our lives sooner than later given the amount of advance work that has been done on follow-up projects. Presuming that FURY ROAD is both warmly received, and pays off itself when it opens next week.  

Of course, as the production of FURY ROAD almost painfully indicated, no amount of preparation in the world - nor the inestimable badassness of the great Rockatansky himself - can budge an uncooperative Mother Nature…




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