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This HOBBIT's going off to fight in the CIVIL WAR!

Now that AGE OF ULTRON is doing its duty and amassing ungodly sums of greenbacks, and with ANT-MAN on the way, Marvel is now focusing on next summer’s big Phase Three kickoff, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. They’re releasing all that promo art, and today, they’ve announced another big new cast member: you guessed it, Frank Stallone.


No, obviously they’ve gotten Martin Freeman for an unknown part in CIVIL WAR.


I can only imagine it’s a sizable role of some sort, or, at the very least, one they want to keep alive for future MCU installments. Freeman was a big deal across the pond since the OFFICE days, but between SHERLOCK, FARGO, and of course, THE HOBBITses, he’s bigger than he’s ever been internationally. Not only that, but he’s one hell of a talented dude; his quirky, yet relatable take on Bilbo Baggins did wonders to keep that series from flying off the rails into spectacle and plot machinations, and I thought he deserved even more attention than he got for his bumbling, sociopathic Lester Nygaard in FARGO.


As for who he’s playing, it’s hard to say at this stage, except that it’s unlikely he’ll be suiting up as another costumed hero of some sort. He’s a 40-ish guy, and I could see him playing one of the several administrative S.H.I.E.L.D./government types we’ll inevitably be meeting in CIVIL WAR.


Of course, speculation’s flying around the web, and folks are pegging him for BLACK PANTHER’s Everett K. Ross, Modok, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and even Norman Osborn (don’t forget, Spidey’s in this one). We’re just gonna have to wait for Marvel to give us the skinny (or for Freeman to “slip up” in an interview).


Either way, I can’t imagine anyone not being happy about Freeman joining up with the MCU. Don’t forget, they’ve found space for folks like Gary Shandling, John C. Reilly, Patton Oswalt, and now Freeman in these things. I’m just hoping he gets more screentime than those guys so far (and can someone please get the Koenigs into one of these movies?)




CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR may or may not have Freeman speaking in an American accent on May 6th, 2016.


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