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Sunday Brings One Of The Last Seven Episodes Of MAD MEN!!

I am – Hercules!!

Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men,” scripted by series mastermind Matthew Weiner, is titled “Severance.” AMC did not forward a screener, or it got lost in the mail. But because I didn’t get a screener, I also didn’t get a letter from Matthew Weiner warning me about the spoilers I can and cannot post.

So here’s what we think we know about tonight’s installment:

* The last “Mad Men’ episode of 2014 depicted the broadcast of the July 1969 moon landing, and tonight’s episode will not leap ahead very far in time from then; Richard Nixon, who resigned the U.S. presidency in 1974, will still be very much in office.

* But enough time will have passed since Bert Cooper’s demise to allow Roger Sterling to grow a sizeable mustache, which he’ll be sporting as – befitting the episode’s title – he undertakes another entertaining firing. (I’d wager Harry Crane finally gets the sack!)

* And we’ll learn enough time has passed for Ted Chaough and Pete Campbell to have relocated back to New York following their adventures in California.

* Don Draper, richer than ever, will still be back on top at Sterling Cooper. The episode will begin with him coaching a hot blonde model to disrobe for a fur coat campaign.

* Speaking of hot blonde models, neither ex-wife Elizabeth Hofstadt Draper Francis nor daughter Sally Draper will appear in Sunday’s installment.

* And speaking of ex-wives, we will learn the former Megan Calvet’s marriage to Don is over, but Don is still living in the fabulous New York highrise apartment they once shared.

* We will learn also that Don has leapt back into promiscuity with two feet, possibly indulging sex with women in public and/or outdoors. Plus Don will meet a pretty, 40ish waitress with an interest in John Dos Passos’ USA Trilogy.

* And, while Don will now be much more open about his impoverished origins, a big piece of news tied to his past will blindside the former Dick Whitman.

* Sterling Cooper will remain firmly in the hands of former rival McCann Erickson, which bought 51 percent of SC because it coveted the agency’s Chevrolet account.

* Joan Harris will implore a client to accede to consumer demand and start producing cheaper pantyhose to compete with L’Eggs (which Hanes began marketing in 1969). Joan’s new bosses at McCann will prove less than helpful to her quest. An unwelcome joke will be made referencing the size of Joan’s mammoth breasts.

* Peggy Olson will witness Joan’s frustration and drink too much wine on a blind date with a good-looking lawyer. The date may not end well.

* There will be a lot of time with Ken Cosgrove on Sunday as the account executive reconsiders his decision to end his literary career. He contemplates quitting Sterling Cooper to write a novel about an ad agency.

* Pete will contemplate a new role for himself at Sterling Cooper. Perhaps remembering that time he knocked up Peggy, he will remark upon a secretary impregnated by her boss.

* The episode will end as Don sits at a diner counter.

* Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is,” released August 1969, will start and end the episode.

After tonight, only six episodes remain.

10 p.m. Sunday. AMC.

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