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AICN COMICS PREVIEW: Check out a few character pages from DC Comics’ CONVERGENCE: PLASTIC MAN & THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #1!

Ambush Bug here. DC’s new CONVERGENCE event begins this week which literally has all kinds of worlds colliding and melding together. Along with the main event, DC Comics will also publish a plethora of 2 part miniseries and one of the ones that I am most interested in is CONVERGENCE: PLASTIC MAN & THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS as these are some classic characters who really haven’t been seen lately. I’ve always had a soft spot for Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters. Adding Plas to the mix is a stroke of genius if you ask me.

The PLASTIC MAN & THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS miniseries is written by Simon Oliver with art by HITMAN artist John McCrea and goes on sale April 29th! Below are some character pages from the series letting us know all about the characters who are going to be appearing in these series. As always, click on the images and watch ‘em grow!

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