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Adam West & Burt Ward to voice BATMAN & ROBIN in a 50th Anniversary Batman Animated feature!!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Burt Ward and Adam West were doing the MAD MONSTER PARTY - which was a convention in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend, when Burt Ward began to announce something, questioned the agents, but then Adam West gave the OK as the master of all things Batman (heh)...   What we know is there will be a 50th Anniversary of the classic BATMAN show - and as a part of that celebration, there will be a Feature Length Animated film.   In my world, Warners would make this as big a deal as their LEGO MOVIE - and release this in 5000 theaters nationwide....  BUT - I will also be happy as a clam if we get it as Bruce Timm Direct to Video Warner Animation project...   BUT - whatever the end product being produced, I'm just excited that we'll get a new Adam West and Burt Ward adventure - they should've been doing animated stuff for years in my opinion, but I'm crazy excited about this news!!!   I've included a bunch of artwork from the BATMAN 66 Comic below - just cuz...  that's what I hope this is gonna look like!  Still, I'd kill for a 3D Animated 66-styled BATMAN feature - where all the impact sounds burst out at the Audience!  Le sigh...

Here's the embed from the Convention!!! 

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