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Paramount Appoints Akiva Goldsman As Its New TRANSFORMERS Czar!

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Jeremy here...

I'll take this news with a heapin' helpin' of "Fuck" and a side order of "Yes"!

Paramount has announced that Akiva Goldsman will oversee the development and writing of forthcoming TRANSFORMERS movies, with input from Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The idea is essentially to staff a TV-style writer's room that will cobble together screenplays for official TRANSFORMERS sequels and, you guessed it, spinoffs.

Goldsman has a long and illustrious history of writing shitty tentpole movies. If you're a longtime reader of AICN, you've got to be excited that he's re-teaming with his old BATMAN & ROBIN buddy di Bonaventura on a whole slew of potentially awful TRANSFORMERS movies! This franchise is a license to print money for Paramount, so I can't fault them for bringing in the ultimate company man to protect one of their most valued assets. If they're smart, they'll cram the writer's room with a bunch of young, fanfic-happy screenwriters, pay them in toys and cackle all the way to a $1 billion worldwide gross. This is what the TRANSFORMERS franchise deserves. Bon appétit, motherfuckers.

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