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Watch Moriarty talk with Dr. George Miller at SXSW post 35mm Restored MAD MAX 2 & FURY ROAD footage!!! So Cool!


Hey folks, Harry here...   At SXSW tonight - we had the absolutely fucking phenomally awesome honor of watching the restored 35mm print of MAD MAX 2 aka THE ROAD WARRIOR (in USA only).   This print brought out details I've never seen before, like the tits on the Gyro's back flap and the camera man crouched next to Mel in the Truck after the door is ripped off...   and I watched with an incredible grin the entire time.   We also saw FURY ROAD stuff that'll be shown at SHOWEST shortly, but that SXSW got first!   This was also the first time George Miller had sat with an audience to watch the whole of his masterpiece in 32 years!   The electricity in the room was enough to overcharge Electro.   Had I asked a question, it would've been about that emblem on Bruce Spence's Goggles, since he becomes the leader of the great Northern Tribe...  was that a BLACK BOLT reference from INHUMANS?   Or I would've asked about the opening montage of MAD MAX 2 and how that all came about for him.   BUT I wanted to just leave it to the fans.   I get enough special treatment - fans deserve their time at the mike!   Now - here's MORIARTY aka DREW McWEENY of HITFIX chatting with the good Doctor George Miller...  Enjoy...

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