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MATRIX 2... a first look... coooooool

Hey folks, Harry here. All right, so one sci-fi flick had its cherry popped visually yesterday... but really... what a lot of you folks have been waiting to see reach freedom is some sort of image... some sign of coolness for THE MATRIX 2. We all have hope... we're pulling for it, but when you get right down to it... do we believe? Right now... we the geek children of THE MATRIX worship at its dvd altar on a regular basis... A week or so ago I was at Tarantino's home theater where he showed off his sound system and theatrical set up with a 35mm digital sounding trailer for THE MATRIX... and when I got back to Austin.... The DVD hit my player. I LOVE THE MATRIX. Now the trick now is... not if they can do it again... I don't want them to do that. I want them to up the ante... to get me more emotionally involved... to get me on my feet clapping after each orgasmically cool battle... Can THE MATRIX get cooler? Can the Wachowski's progress the story without blowing it? Can they trick me into forgeting Keanu in THE WATCHER? Well... the addition of Jet Li to the game did neural wonders for my prayers of it being cooler... Jet Li... is simply... cooler... hehe

Now... as you can see from the above storyboard, which came by way of Nimpkin the last of the donkey people, the devastation involved with the upcoming battles seems to include flames, punched and destroyed cars, a world nearing hell? And I believe that is NEO there... well it looks like he's about to punch bejeesus out of someone...

Well... if this is the sort of damage they plan on having a fist do to a person... if they use the computers to make a punch completely dislodge and distort a face while teeth and glasses crack and spray in every direction... well... that's too cool. While the punches in the first film looked hard... think about Agent Smith for a second... he punched through a concrete corner of a wall... what would that type of fist power do to a face? OUCH... that's what

This next one shows a tiny tidbit of Zion... last free human city... sure.. it is only the landing platform... but dudes... dudettes... looky... THAT'S FANTASTIC!!! Ya know.... this is the sort of work that just gets me excited... One the Wachowski Brothers are hiring and bringing into play the very best comic artists and designers around... and this stuff looks it. Personally... I'm hoping the WhatIsTheMatrix.Com site begins to really kick it up a notch... perhaps showing teasing looks at this sort of stuff... I'm willing to be they have hundreds.. if not thousands of designs... some of which they ARE going with... and some that they are not... Whatever the case may be... I know we MATRIX fans would eat it up with chopsticks, forks and a backhoe... Here's the last image I got and till later... enjoy...


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