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Cower before the mighty AQUAMAN!!! Zack Snyder unleashes the King of Atlantis!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love AQUAMAN, but nothing more than the original Aquaman animated TV show.  In a very bizarre way, because I snorkeled and dove as a child in the Caribbean...  well, the comics came to life for me, with all the beauty of that patch of Sea.   That Georgia Aquarium in ATLANTA is a must for all those that love the wonder of the life in the sea.   Amazing.   Anyway, Zack Snyder unleashed his savagely fierce AQUAMAN...  who seems to be the dark lord of the seven seas with a really badass looking trident.   I've no idea what this BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is going to be, but I'm suspecting Zack Snyder is at the start of a huge dump of coolness, we'll be picking up every bit he drops...   Momoa is an intense fella, I met him and he instantly put me in a chokehold with increasing pressure.   Of course now, he's AQUAMAN, so somewhere I have AQUAMAN in a Bowler Hat chokeholding me.   That rules.   Here's what Zack dropped:


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