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There’s A New TRON Game Coming, And Someone Very Cool Is Scoring It…

I’ve been a big fan of Giorgio Moroder’s work…pretty much since I figured out who he was.   

His work on CAT PEOPLE, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, FLASHDANCE, AMERICAN GIGALO, and SCARFACE guided me towards not only a greater appreciation of film music, but a fuller understanding of how interestingly and diversely music could be integrated into narratives.  His restoration of METROPOLIS cemented Fritz Lang’s film as one of my most favorite pictures of all time - long before I’d had the opportunity to fully explore previous or subsequent restorations of the movie (the latest of which is pretty amazing, by the way).  

Now 74, Moroder seems to be finding himself in the midst of something of a career resurgence - no small accomplishment given the entertainment industry’s penchant for crass ageism.  In 2013 he collaborated with Daft Punk on a track called Giorgio by Moroder (part of Daft Punk’s RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES album)…



…and now it’s looking like he’ll be entering the world of TRON.

“…Giorgio has been recruited to provide the soundtrack for the upcoming 'Tron' video game – something which could involve a certain EDM heavyweight. “I'm going to meet Skrillex next week when I'm back. I'm doing the music for a game for Disney's 'Tron'. We have about five themes, electronic stuff and let's see if he's interested in remixing or re-working one of the songs.” 

…reveals THIS piece at Clash. 

This is interesting for several reasons:  


 1).   Moroder is doing TRON music…and this is pretty damn Geektasticaly cool.  

 2).   A Moroder and Skrillex power team could make for some truly amazing and mental results, and… 

3) .    I’ve heard nothing about a new TRON game - nor has anyone I’ve pinged about the matter.  So, this mysterious project has the potential to be extremely, extremely, awesome given the breadth and capacity of games these days.  Wonder what’s going on with it?  


I’ve always felt there was great, great game waiting to mined from the TRONverse - although I don’t know that anyone has managed to nail it quiet yet (despite my vast affection for the original arcade game and DISCS OF TRON).  

So there you have it - we’ll let you know more as further details become available.  Perhaps we’ll get a better sense of the game and what’s in store during E3 an June?  


UPDATE:  Might the TRON game referenced in the article be THIS Disney Infinity 2.0 Expansion?  It’s certainly possible, although seems some pretty high-end talent for a mere expansion.  Although, I'm not sure the timing works out right...Crash makes it sound like Moroder is working on an upcoming title, starting around now, and the Infinity stuff is more more less available now from the sound of matters.  We’ll let you know when we know.  Thanks to Talkbacker ‘unkemptsock’ for the heads up…





Glen Oliver




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