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A Fun Interview With Christopher Lennertz, Composer Of AGENT CARTER And GALAVANT!!

I’m quite enjoying AGENT CARTER, but am bummed that its ratings are evidently not as lofty as many were hoping for.  

Personally, I think the show wasn’t sold correctly - I’ve encountered a number of casual Marvel movie viewers who didn’t even track that the Peggy Carter character hails from the Captain America film verse, for example, thus a critical point of connection (and a potentially useful sales tool) was diminished.  Also, having now seen how this series works dynamically, it’s apparent that many samplings of what makes the show interesting and special were not incorporated into the show’s promo materials.  Its charm, its amazing character work, it’s ‘holy shit’ knock down-drag out fights were all scarcely represented in spots - and might’ve gone a long way towards enticing more viewers to check it out. 

Whatever the case, it’s a blast, so I thought I’d call tour attention to this Beyond the Marquee interview with the show’s composer, Christopher Lennertz.  I first became aware of Lennertz’s work via his score for the MEDAL OF HONOR: RISING SUN game back in 2003.  It’s been very cool to see his name pop up on a wide variety of projects across subsequent years, and it was a joy to learn his was associated with AGENT CARTER.   

This interview, by the way, also touches on Lennertz’s work with Alan Menken on GALAVANT.  A show I’ve been unable to get into, but I’ll conceded it does have a certain charm.  




Glen Oliver




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