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Superdrugs!! Boobies!! A Decidedly NSFW / Redband Trailer For HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2!!

The first HOT TUB TIME MACHINE…I didn’t hate as much as I probably should’ve.  I found myself grinning incessantly, even though I felt vaguely ashamed that I was.  I laughed aloud, even though I knew doing so was probably irrevocably retarding my already stunted maturity level.  

When my lady first saw a trailer of this John Cusack-less sequel (releasing February 20), the first thing she said was “You’re going to go see that, aren’t you…?” I’ll never, ever forget the tinge of grim resignation in her voice at that moment.  

But the answer to her question is, “Yes, I will see it, damn it!”  And I’m no longer ashamed.  I admit and embrace what this is and who I am.  I will not apologize.  

Speaking of apologizing, it does befuddle me that Cusak decided not to participate in this one.  I mean, he’s doing stuff like this…



…in which he plays who may be the most unconvincing Roman I can recall seeing on screen.  Is HTTM2 really all that far removed?  

Maybe it is…I don’t know.  Whatever the case, here’s a redound trailer for the February 20 release.  Please note the article’s title before proceeding.  



And yes, I did laugh at this.





Glen Oliver




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