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Quentin Tarantino confirms small details about next film!

Hey folks, Harry here... Some lucky readers got to attend a special screening of PULP FICTION last night at the Egyptian Theater. And in the Q&A Quentin revealed a bit about his upcoming film which is rumored to be titled KILL BILL, but hasn't been confirmed by Quentin yet. Also, we are told there will be a big press release/announcement within the next 30 days or so giving further details to his upcoming project. However, I'm currently editing up Quint's interview with Tarantino and... there's some stuff there as well... it'll be up pretty soon.... Here ya go...

hi. long time reader, blah blah blah

Just dropping you a note about the great screening of "Pulp Fiction" I went to tonight at the Cinematique on Hollywood Blvd. After the movie, they held a Q&A with Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, and Amanda Plummer. Tarantino was asked repeatedly -- but with great caution -- about his next project.

He basically confirmed what has already been posted here: Uma Thurman revenge picture. The only teeny tiny crumb of new information was that he expected to be done with the script and ready to move forward in October.

Incidentally, Amanda Plummer's comments during the Q&A were truly bizarre. Her manner was somewhere between Steve Martin's Ruprecht character from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and one of Charles Manson's parole hearings.

Oh, two more things. Someone asked, and he confirmed that Butch was the guy who keyed Vincent Vega's car -- which is a damn cool detail to keep in mind when you're watching the movie. Also, the black-tie party that Wolf was attending (at 8:30 in the morning) when his beeper went off was an underground, behind-closed-doors-type casino party.

Call me Quiz Kid Donnie Smith.

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Hey Harry,

Wassup wassup...Just got back from tonight's Pulp Fiction screening at the Egyptian Theatre to commemorate the LA Film Critics Association's 25th anniversary. Kick ass print, great crowd. Anyways, there was a Q&A session afterwards with QT, Bender, and Amanda Plummer (Avery was scheduled to appear(?!) but he was on location somewhere in Mexico) and QT dropped hints about his latest...they are:

A) Some of it will be filmed in Detroit (he only knows it vicarously so far through friends and Elmore Leonard novels)

B) One of the stars is Uma Thurman, maybe THE star....

C) The sub genre--not the genre-- the sub genre will be a revenge flick.

I know this conflicts/confirms with previous reports but thought I'd give you the latest straight from the man himself. He says he'll make a big announcement in October.


Thelonious Punk

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Hey Harry,

I just attended a screening of "Pulp Fiction" at the Egyptian Theatre as part of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's 25th anniversary. Tarantino was there, along with "Long Hair Yuppie Scum" Lawrence Bender and Ms. Amanda Plummer. Tarantino was a terrific speaker, the best I've seen, and here's a couple tidbits he let loose:

When asked what his next project was going to be, he said he was going to answer that at the end of the night. Well, when the time came, he said that he was finishing the script now, and we should expect a major announcement sometime in October. Seeing we were not satisfied, he said he couldn't reveal too much, but he would say who was in it. The movie is going to star Uma Thurman, and, if you were using a video store classification system, this movie would be put into the sub-genre "Revenge", which confirms the rumors floating around QT Quattro.

Also, a couple things about "Pulp Fiction": Tarantino confirmed that Butch keyed Vincent's car, and when asked about the contents of the briefcase, QT said, "I could tell you what's in it, but, then, what YOU think is in it, which is the totally right answer, will be erased from your memory, and I don't want that to happen." Good answer.

Feral Kid

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