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Another hint at domesticated Raptors? JURASSIC WORLD's latest image makes us wonder...

Hey folks, Harry here...  Colin Trevorrow dropped this pic of Chris Pratt and his pet Raptor looking mighty badass together - and man...  doesn't that just set your mind to wondering what the fuck is going on here?   I'm curious beyond words to learn more about JURASSIC WORLD.   What has happened to this "world" from when we last saw it?   The trailer shows us a working Dino-centric Sea World like entertainment with dinos...  Is Chris Pratt some wild Dino-Trainer?  Has he trained Raptors to work with him?   I mean, that's crazy cooler than fucking BEASTMASTER awesome, if true...  OR - has this cold medicine had its way with me?   What do you think?

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