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We’ll Know Much More About The Next James Bond Film In A Few Days…

This is almost as bad as posting teasers for trailers - but I suppose this is kinda/sorta a legitimate newslet in itself.  

Thursday is when we’ll learn quite a bit more about the next James Bond film, per 007’s official and varied Twitter stream.  

Variety offers further details… 

The team behind the 24th James Bond film will reveal its title and cast online via live stream from the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios on Thursday. 


The live stream will be hosted at from 11 a.m. GMT (3 a.m. PST) on Thursday.  


The live web stream and satellite feed are being be made available to all media outlets, and the announcement will also be live-tweeted via the official James Bond handle @007. 


The next Bond film opens November 6 - and begins filming Monday?  




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