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The first trailer for the next Jason Statham action film, WILD CARD is here!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

I am definitely a Jason Statham apologist, I pretty much see everything he is in. Sometimes in turns into a decent surprise (i.e. THE MECHANIC, SAFE, and especially THE BANK JOB) and sometimes it is a dreadful experience I wish I didn’t have (i.e. PARKER) but most of the time it is something somewhere in between that I likely won’t think much about after I see it. Still, there is something insanely watchable about him so I pay attention to most of his projects.

He of course has FURIOUS7 coming next year, but he also has a much smaller film coming in January called WILD CARD. The first trailer was released today so have a look (it’s an international trailer so there are foreign subtitles):

Yep, looks exactly like a Jason Statham action film. It’s got a decent supporting cast though and some decent looking hand-to-hand action so I will of course see it. It’s another remake for him though (as was PARKER and THE MECHANIC) this time of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film, HEAT. They are using the same William Goldman script that the original used, so it should be interesting to see how a 1986 script translates to 2015. 

Let us not forget that this was originally supposed to have been directed by Brian De Palma, and say what you will about his recent output I am sure it would have been a much more interesting film than this one, which was directed by Simon West. Can you imagine a Jason Statham action film as seen through the camera of De Palma? That would have been awesome.

Nonetheless, WILD CARD hits theaters January 30th, 2015.

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