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A Chance To Win A Very Cool Replica Jacket From The Upcoming ALIEN ISOLATION Game!!




For a while now, we’ve been covering the coming of ALIEN ISOLATION, a new game for XBOX 360, PS3, XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC.

ISOLATION’s slavish dedication to the aesthetic and soundscape of Ridley Scott’s ALIENverse is matched only by the desire of its titular creature to pursue - and eradicate - players in iconically unpleasant manners.  The result is an immersive, sustained, haunted house-like stealth/survival ride which proves both immensely unsettling, and hugely stressful (on purpose).

Check out this guy... 

You’ll die a lot here - I sure as hell did.  But what’s an ALIEN tale without being impaled by the Xenomorph’s spiky tale (you can see it coming through your chest), or a determined smooch from that gooey, chromed-out, toothy double mouth? 


At least the alien doesn’t do to players what it apparently did to Lambert in the 1979 film?  Rather, it hasn’t yet during my gameplay. That would be a way to go.  A gaming first, perhaps?  

To celebrate the title’s Tuesday October 7 arrival, we’d like to offer you the chance have something which should speak to both ALIEN fans and gamers alike.   It’s one (1) replica of a jacket work by the Samuels character in ALIEN ISOLATION…



…and it looks like this in real life.   

ALIEN ISOLATION - Samuels jacket replica   

The jacket is size LARGE, and I don’t believe there’s a sizing alternative.  So, it's pretty much 'large.'  

How do you go about nabbing this very cool piece?  It’s quite, quite simple, but please do read the guidelines carefully as there’s no margin for error here. Not following these precise instructions may result in your submission not being filtered properly - or even seen at all.   

** Contest is open to anyone worldwide.   

*** I’ve pre-selected a time between now and Monday night October 6, 2014 at 11:59pm CST USA (one minute before midnight Monday evening).  Whomever e-mails me at, or closest to, this pre-selected time will receive this wonderful, very cool prize.  

*** Be sure to include this subject line in your e-mail:

                                                              WEYLAND-YUTANI KINDA SUCKS  

** E-mail me HERE.  

** In the body of your e-mail, please include a safe and functional physical address to which your potential prize may be shipped.  This is to more quickly expedite shipping only - your information will not be offered to the The Powers That Be unless you are the lucky recipient.  No spam lists, mailing lists, etc.  

** Please send messages from a functional and frequently checked e-mail address.  We won’t have the time to chase you down should we need to reach you.  If we need to reach you and can’t do so within one day, we’ll likely move on to the contestant whose message arrived at the next closest time.  This sounds snarky and I truly don’t mean it to.  In the past, we’ve had contests gummed up for weeks because someone wasn’t checking their mail.  So…

**  Also in the body of your e-mail, we’re looking for one bit of ALIENverse Geekery which can be easily found (if by no other means) via a smartly worded Google search.

In the movie ALIENS, crew profiles displayed in Ripley’s debriefing sequence offers the full names of the Nostromo crew seen in the original ALIEN movie.  These names are never referenced in the first movie - in which crew members are only called by their last names.  Whether or not these names are canonical I can not say - but they’re utilized as view screen background data all the same.

These crew dossiers also appear as an extra on the ALIEN ANTHOLOGY home video release (hint hint), and at least one website has broken down said dossiers  (including the character’s full names) along with offering bits of the crew members' backgrounds.

So, in the body of your message to me, offer the full names of the Nostromo crew from Scott’s 1979 movie (except Ash, who appears only as ‘Ash’ here) - per these readouts from ALIENS.  Not including the full names of the Nostromo crew will result in immediate disqualification.

That’s six full names + ‘Ash.’  

** Limit four (4) entries per day.  I'll check.  Any efforts to flood or spam will result in summary disqualification.  

And that’s all there is to it.  

We’d love to announce your first initial, last name, and state or residence here on the site should you emerge victorious.  If you’d prefer we not do so, please let me know in your e-mail.

So there you have it.  Our frequencies are now open and we’re scanning for your signals. 

This is Merrick, exhausted survivor of a very tense week, signing off…




Glen Oliver