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Hulu Orders To Series
Bad Robot’s 9-Hour Adaptation Of
Stephen King’s 11/22/63!!


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Writer-producer Bridget Carpenter (“Dead Like Me,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood”) scripted the Hulu project, based on Stephen King’s popular 2011 novel about an English teacher who discovers a portal to September 9, 1958, then works to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. (No one ever goes back in time to save James Garfield or William McKinley.)

It has not yet been determined whether or not the series will eventually continue beyond its first nine episodes.

A very loose adaptation of King's “Under The Dome” was last summer’s top scripted show, but the series lost a lot of its audience when it returned this summer.

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production concern, which is behind “11/22/63,” also produced (or is producing) “Alias,” “Lost,” “What About Brian?” “Six Degrees,” “Fringe,” “Undercovers,” “Person of Interest,” “Alcatraz,” “Revolution,” “Almost Human,” “Believe,” “Cloverfield,” “Morning Glory,” “Super 8,” three “Mission: Impossible” movies, three “Star Trek” movies, and a “Star Wars” sequel.

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