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Check out this Exclusive Clip from Fantastic Fest's KUNG FU ELLIOT!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here from the heart of Fantastic Fest 2014. Here we have an interesting clip from the new movie, KUNG FU ELLIOT. While I've yet to see the film, it seems like something I'd enjoy, an insight into the mind of a guy who will stop at nothing to see his vision put on screen. There's something about watching an underdog story that I can't help but gravitate towards.

Elliot “White Lightning” Scott, a martial artist with big ambitions, is determined to become Canada's first action hero with his low budget karate epic, Blood Fight. This surreal documentary captures two years in the lives of a passionate amateur filmmaker, his supportive partner Linda, and their outrageous cast—all trying to realize their dreams.

I can more than relate to working on a giant passion project on nights and weekends on some larger than life movie, something no sane person would ever set out to do. Most sane people don't make movies and most sane people can't point to their DVD shelf and say "That's mine. I made that." It seems that's the type of guy Elliot Scott seems to be, and that's someone I wouldn't mind seeing a doc on.

So let's check it out - let's get a taste of what KUNG FU ELLIOT is:

So there we have it. What do you guys think? If you happen to be at Fantastic Fest and think this might be a film for you, then check out the screenings:

Saturday - 9/20/14 - 2:30PM

Wednesday - 9/24/14 - 11:30AM

I'll be at the Wednesday screening, so I hope to see some of you folks there. Now back to the awesomeness of Fantastic Fest!

- Mike McCutchen




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