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Check Out This Fascinating Video With Stephen Dane About Designing GHOSTBUSTERS’ Ecto-1, Proton Packs, And Ghost Traps!!

As part of their 30th Anniversary tribute to GHOSTBUSTERS, the fine folks over at Beyond the Marquee have launched a week long retrospective of the film.  

They recently posted a video tour of the firehouse whose interiors featured prominently in both films, but of particular interest is a discussion with designer Stephen Dane.  Other Dane credits include THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI and BLADE RUNNER, but here he discusses the challenges of realizing some of GHOSTBUSTERS’ most iconic technology - indeed some of the most iconic on-screen technology in film history - in roughly two weeks.  

The reel also reveals some design elements which didn’t make it into the film.  


Other BTM videos from GHOSTBUSTERS week include merchandise and the preservation of Ecto-1, and THIS discussion with producer Joe Medjuck (interesting insight regarding the actors improving on the set, etc.).  If you like GHOSTBUSTERS, this material is totally worth checking out.  

I recently saw the 4K theatrical reissue of the first film (been a long time since viewing the film in a theater) and I was amazed by how much better the film plays on the big screen when compared to video presentation.  This is definitely a situation where size matters.  I don’t think this particular reissue is still in play, but if you have a chance to catch GB1 theatrically at some point, I’d highly recommend doing so.  You might be surprised by how ‘large’ the film feels. 




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