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Trailer for Thriller THE BOY NEXT DOOR, Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Bringing THE BOY NEXT DOOR home to meet your mom is probably the last thing you ever want to do. Because, if this trailer is any indication, they will probably end up doing it.

Jennifer Lopez stars as a teacher separated from her husband (John Corbett), trying (and failing) to get her life back in order. When a smoking hot, underage guy (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door and is oh-so-sweet to her during a particularly vulnerable time, she just can't help herself. But when she finally comes to her senses and realizes just what a colossial mistake she has made, the guy isn't so easy to shake, as he begins turning up in every corner of her life.

Yes, it sounds like a total guilty-pleasure watch, and the trailer certainly piles on all of the cheesy cliches, from the intense stares to the creepy stalking, to the multitude of over-the-top innuendos. But sometimes the right amount of cheese can bring about the perfect amount of fun. 

THE BOY NEXT DOOR opens January 23rd. What do you guys think - will it be trashy fun or a dud?



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