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There's a film called SPRING that's a bit Linklater/Lovecraft, it premieres at TIFF tomorrow, here's the trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Tomorrow at the Toronto International Film Festival, a new genre film called SPRING is opening.  They unleashed their trailer to timely fit in with their premiere.  Being a Co-Founder of FANTASTIC FEST, I get to see a few things early and SPRING... it was a title that was put in front of me with Kristen Bell (Fantastic Fest Goddess, not Actress Goddess) telling me I had to see it, but nothing more.

I watched the film with zero knowledge of what I was getting into.   I have to recommend that for you.   The trailer we have here is a good trailer, but... it is a horror trailer.   At this point in the film's life, I wish they'd held back.   

Lou Taylor Pucci, who I really liked in the recent EVIL DEAD, plays a bartender that is having a very bad time.  He seems like an ok guy.   At the start of the film, he's holding down a job, while caring for his mother, who is dying tragically of cancer in a very slow, very haunting manner.   The day she passes, he ends up drinking and losing control and he suddenly feels the need to just get the hell out of dodge.   Go somewhere fabulous... ITALY.

In the headline, I say this film is a bit Linklater and a bit Lovecraft... but it is also very definitely its own thing, but in my mind - this film distills elements of Linklater's BEFORE SUNRISE and Lovecraft's SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH in a way that is utterly delicious!

The film is playing at FANTASTIC FEST...   if you're going to see it there or at TIFF tomorrow, perhaps... skip this trailer - as it is coming soon to your world.   For everyone else...   This is a movie that I hope gets great distribution and release... but at somepoint I hope you get to discover the rather beautiful and tragic and wonderful SPRING.   

The slightly spoilerly trailer follows:


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