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Pablo Escobar & Peeta are practically family in ESCOBAR: PARADISE LOST Intl Trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Ya know, Pablo Escobar for a good portion of my life was the big bad wolf that America was pitching a fit over.  The Cocaine Kingpin of the world.  His wealth made the other evil dictators of the world pale in comparison.  Plus, his reach was into the neighborhoods and inner cities throughout the United States...  Escobar was a definite character in history - and having Benecio Del Toro playing him...  Oh man, sign me up, can not wait to see it.   It's about to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, ahead of its release on November 26th!  The trailer features Josh Hutcherson aka Peeta as a Canadian Surfer Dude that ends up a part of the family business.   Escobar had to be a helluva in-law.   Here's the International Trailer:  


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