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Check Out the International Poster for HORNS!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

HORNS is easily one of my most anticipated films coming out this fall. I’m excited to see Alexandre Aja helming a new film, I am a huge fan of Joe Hill, who penned the novel, and I am excited to see Daniel Radcliffe take on yet another interesting role. And frankly, it looks like a blast.

A new international poster has been released, highlighting a very mysterious and sad-looking Radcliffe sporting his new pair of devil horns.

"Blamed for the murder of his girlfriend and ostracized by everyone he knows, a small-town guy (Daniel Radcliffe) awakens one morning to find he’s grown a pair of horns. Armed with the supernatural powers they possess, he sets out to find the true killer.”

Though the synopsis paints the picture of a supernatural thriller, the trailer released last month reveals the addition of a darkly comedic tone to the proceedings. It really looks like an unusual story. This is definitely one to watch for.

HORNS hits theater on October 31st.


Via Bloody Disgusting

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