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The man that physically blew up the Death Star & White House is gone!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  The reaper has been harvesting some legends recently...  but this death touches the pyro in all of us.   Did you love the original DEATH STAR blowing up?  What about that Nuclear Explosion in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD?  Or the explosions in TRUE LIES, TERMINATOR 1 & 2 or ARMAGEDDON?  He did FX work uncredited upon FLESH GORDON!!!  The cool thing is, had he not blown up Emperor Wang's Castle in FLESH GORDON, he never would've gotten the job to blowup the DEATH STAR!  Love that fan produced porn led to this man getting an Academy Award one day!  He's the pyro that melted the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in GHOSTBUSTERS!  He blew up shit in KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE & TEAM AMERICA!!!  FUCK YEAH!   His last film that he did FX on is THE PREY coming out this October with Danny Trejo...  but we're geeks and as film geeks... we love explosions that go boom real well.   His blowing shit up was so great on INDEPENDENCE DAY that he won an Oscar for it.   It's been the tile on the back of my site since the beginning, there was a brief period where I replaced it with Kong and the log bridge, but I got sentimental for the White House going boom - and it returned around 6 years ago now.   Now, I've got to change the corner animation back to ID4.   He was one of the best miniature explosion & pyro-experts the industry ever had!  He made Luke's shot, one in a million - and we here at AICN will never forget his glorious practical explosions and his disdain for CG Explosions.   Joe Viskocil blew up all manners of miniatures and we love them all.   

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