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Find Out How E.T. Nearly Killed Video Games In Trailer For Zak Penn's Documentary, ATARI: GAME OVER!

E.T. Atari


Jeremy here...

Nearly everything associated with E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL in 1982 was a runaway success. I mean, you had to really fuck up on an epic scale if you couldn't sell something even tangentially connected to Steven Spielberg's science-fiction smash. Atari's video game adaptation of E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL was that kind of a fuck up: an incomprehensible, poorly designed, borderline unplayable game that threw an entire company into financial chaos.

This is the subject of Zak Penn's documentary ATARI: GAME OVER, which premieres on xBox this fall as part of a new non-fiction series. The film also deals with the urban legend of a mass game burial in the New Mexico desert, which, as most of you know, was recently proven to be quite real. I have little interest in watching gamers dig up trash, but, judging from this new trailer, the history of Atari seems like a fascinating topic. Giver 'er a looksee!



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