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AICN Austin's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Screening at Alamo Lakeline is set! Come join the fun!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm so jazzed for the silver screen debut of a pre-Hero Marvel Monster on the big screen...  GROOT!!!  I'm watching every clip like it was a Weird Al video release.   Over and over and over.   And smiling ALOT!   The press screenings began and the word has been soaring.  Folks are falling quickly madly dearly for this one...  and I'm totally all in favor of everyone being right.  I just need to stop talking about the movie and start absorbing the movie.   SO...   Let's all go to the Drafthouse Lakeline and see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this Monday, July 28th, 2014 at 7:30pm and geek out with our fellow Marvel & Sci-Fi & James Gunn cinema loving movie geeks...  Only - I have but one screen.   And given I've already been offered BJ & BOOZE for a ticket...  It won't be nearly that hard for most of you!  

Send an email to hk @ with the exact subject line:

Let me vocabulate my way into this here shindig!!!

Then in the body of the email list your name and up to two guests (include their full names too)

Now many of our friends are off to comic con this week...  Allow yourself to have fun demonstrating your enthusiasm for seeing this film with an AICN crowd!   That can be in any fashion you can dream up.  Get your emails in by this FRIDAY by Midnight, Austin Time.   Saturday I'll notify the winners via email - and then...  WE GET TO SEE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY AT LAST!!!  OH...  and if you can't think of anything...  Show me your SCAR...  just like Rocket has:

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