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The Next Tarantino Film'

All right, I've been being asked about a gajillion times about Quentin Tarantino's next film. To keep a lot of you quiet... I'll tell you what I've been able to gather without asking Quentin... That's not what I'm at this fest for.

Okay... first off... Remember the story a few days back about Paul Thomas Anderson doing the comedy at New Line with Adam Sandler? Well apparently Quentin and Paul were in a race to grab Sandler for their films... Quentin was in the lead, but decided to make the WORLD WAR II film second... and make a film before his men-on-a-mission war film.

Now, on June 21st, 2000 rumors began appearing in all sorts of gossip columns about an alleged Tarantino/Uma Thurman film called KILL BILL which was reported to be about a woman in a coma. Now, like I said... I haven't asked Quentin anything about his next film... but in watching the films thus far... there have been little slips in his introductions. While listening to his HAMMER HEAD introduction he made note about wanting to steal this one scene for how a character was introduced in his next film... "but the script moves too fast for her to take the time for that scene." So... this meant that the film he's currently working on has a significant female lead character that is in a very fast-paced scenario.

On Sex Night, Quentin mentioned in his introduction that there was a trailer that came all the way from New Zealand for a movie called THEY CALL HER ONE EYE, which was a Dutch female revenge film... think DEATH WISH but far, far, FAR more violent... And in the introduction he mentioned that he had the poster for THEY CALL HER ONE EYE over to the side wall while he writes.

Someone else overheard Quentin saying he was showing Uma Thurman a ton of revenge films, and still another said Quentin said he was writing a revenge film for Uma.

So... by the end of the film festival will we know exactly? I don't know... but I've also heard that Quentin will make an announcement in the fall regarding his next film... but if I were a betting man.... from circumstantial evidence and guts... I'd bet on KILL BILL starring Uma Thurman on the path for serious revenge. Revenge for what? I have no idea. Based on previous material... I have no idea. Who else is in it? I have no idea.

Quentin does plan to make the WORLD WAR II film after this 'unknown' flick... and in his... mental development slate there is a remake for the Lucio Fulci film... THE PSYCHIC to star Bridget Fonda (if it ever gets made). Other than that... that's all I know.

As for all you folks screaming stuff like HACK and NO-TALENT... just remember, you can go through STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE ROAD WARRIOR, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and a great deal of your favorite films and pull whole scenes... overall motifs and everything else straight from those films and gripe till kingdom comes about a lack of originality. Quentin makes very, very good, entertaining movies. If it's just a matter of 'ripping off' others' work... get out there and try it... I do believe you'll find it's a helluvalot harder than that.

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