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A Fandango Extended Look At GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

Nordling here.

Fandango's got an exclusive extended look at GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, but it's really another trailer.  That said, I watched about half of it before turning it off.  I'm so ready for this movie it's not even funny, and I'm at that point now that I can skip trailers for movies I really, really anticipate.  Not that I won't dip my big toe in once in a while... oh, trailers, you know I can't ever quit you entirely.  If movies are the drug, trailers are the free taste the dealers give you... or so I'm told.

James Gunn also tweeted today that he's officially finished with GOTG, and I'm happy he's happy with the experience.  Although I didn't go to the 17 minute preview that played across the country tonight (because I don't peek under the Christmas tree - well, I try not to anyway), I bet it just brought people already excited for the movie into a fervor.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens this August, and I need it, brothers and sisters.

Nordling, out.

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