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Nicole Kidman and Massive Amnesia - Trailer for BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

A trailer has been released for BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP - a new thriller from writer/director Rowan Jofee, who scripted 28 WEEKS LATER and THE AMERICAN.

In the film, Nicole Kidman plays a woman who suffered a brutal attack ten years ago, and now suffers from amnesia - her memory is wiped every night when she goes to sleep. Her attacker was never caught, and she has been working to try to recover her memories. And when you can't remember what happened, everybody is a suspect, from her caring husband (Colin Firth) to her doctor (Mark Strong).

The film looks like a hybrid of MEMENTO and 50 FIRST DATES, and despite a rather silly premise, looks like it could be an entertaining watch. It was based on a best-selling novel from S.J. Watson.

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is set to open on September 12th. What do you guys think?


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