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Jerry Bruckheimer Says The Fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Film Won’t Have…


MegaProducer Jerry Bruckheimer discussed his new horror thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL (which just opened) with Collider, and the conversation naturally turned to some of Bruckheimer’s franchise undertakings.  

Bruckheimer indicated that BAD BOYS 3 is in development but offered no particular details (not really expanding upon what we didn’t already know), that a third NATIONAL TREASURE is being mulled and that writers are working on it (this one’s been kicking around in some form or another for some time now, if I understand correctly), and then came to the matter of a fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film.  

While not terribly revealing, what is noteworthy is his characterization of exactly what kind of film it appears to be.  


Will there be any demonic monsters in Pirates 5?


BRUCKHEIMER:  No, no. I think we’re back to more of a straight pirates movie this time.


So, you won’t have big Kraken creatures anymore?


BRUCKHEIMER:  Not in the script I read recently.


More from Bruckheimer can be found HERE.  

It might well be interesting to see a PIRATES installment which felt less - encumbered? - by supernatural considerations and spectacle (this approach would presumably help bring production costs down), and grounding the franchise in a more ‘real world’ setting is an approach that seemed to pay off nicely for the second G.I. JOE feature as well.  

Nonetheless, given that beasties and creatures and general insanity are almost synonymous with the franchise by this point - can the universe be ‘retooled’ without audiences and fans feeling slighted in some way?  

We’ll see what happens, assuming it all comes together.  




Glen Oliver





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