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The Third G.I. JOE Movie Gets A Writer!!


The Powers That Be seem to be struggling (which, in all fairness,  may be too strong a word) to pull together a third live action G.I. JOE adventure for the big screen (evidenced HERE).  A peculiar anomaly given the bar set by the film’s rather enjoyable, but not-particularly-ingenious, predecessors.  

Perhaps the project is now one step closer to fruition with the addition of scripter Jonathan Lemkin.  

Plot details are vague right now but sources say this installment is expected to revolve around Johnson’s character Roadblock, who was introduced in the last installment and soon became a fan favorite.

The idea is to get the film into production by the second quarter of 2015 so that it can make the 2016 release date.

…says THIS piece in Variety.  

Lemkin is no stranger to action/thriller/genre fare, having previously scripted RED PLANET and SHOOTER, and having developed the story for LETHAL WEAPON 4.  

All of this means:  perhaps Lemkin will once again rise to the succinct magnificence of this RED PLANET decree: 



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