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Trailer for George Takei Documentary TO BE TAKEI!!!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

There are about a thousand reasons to love George Takei. From his work as Sulu on the original Star Trek series to his presence as a working Asian American actor in a time when you really didn’t see many Asians on television, to his life and influence as a member of the LGBT community to his unwaveringly awesome social media presence - he has been and remains a pop culture icon with fans spanning the globe.

Takei has had a long and storied career and personal life, both of which will be examined in the upcoming documentary TO BE TAKEI, from director Jennifer M. Kroot.

A trailer has been released for the upcoming film. It’s impossible to watch this without a smile on your face, so I encourage you to take a look and make your day just a little cooler.

The film is out in theaters and on VOD on August 22nd.


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