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Special IMAX sneak peek at GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on July 7th! Register while you can!

On Monday, July 7th, Marvel is going to show a 17-minute preview of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in IMAX theaters nationwide. To attend, all you have to do is visit this link and register for your particular city But hurry: tickets are already gone for several markets, so if you want to check out a reel or two of GUARDIANS almost a month in advance of its release, head over there ASAP and see if a theater near you is hosting the event. At the event, you'll also receive that cool-ass poster seen above. Like you need more incentive to show up.


Just one request for those who go: please don't spoil anything for the rest of us Thanks.


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be released in full on August 1st.

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