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More upon Robin Williams' involvement in A.I.

Hey folks, Harry here... Last week, Moriarty reported that Robin Williams was going to portray the narrator's voice in the upcoming Steven Spielberg film A.I. Now, from a confirmed insider, I have learned that this narration will be in the form of an animated character called "Dr. Know". Now... while this did come from an legitimate inside source... the material he/she had access to, might not have been accurate... But the report is genuine, and it is what he/she knows. Now... does this mean we'll be seeing a retread of Williams' Genie character in ALADDIN? No... I really really don't think so. If anything, this may be closer to something like Mr DNA in Jurassic Park... The character may not be a narrator throughout the film, but rather in a learning segment or lesson about what happened to the world or some other thing. We will have to wait and see... there is no indication as to the extent of Narration that will be taking place... be forewarned... jumping to conclusions is the the last thing we should be doing... be calm... and let's see what else we hear.

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